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Entry #2

Moving on from Ray

2017-01-05 03:36:31 by Philljc


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2017-01-05 16:59:47

I miss ray and wish we got to see more of part 3, but this new project seems interesting and im really looking forward to it. Thank you for at least making the first two. I have two questions, however. Up until what year did you stop working on ray? And, why didn't you update most of your fanbase on newgrounds to tell them whats going on?


2017-01-05 17:03:50

Oh, and to explain that last question, im aware of your last post, i'm just talking about earlier when it was in development, and when you decided to stop work and such.

Philljc responds:

I had multiple updates over the years posted on Newgrounds, but when I decided to start on this new project, I deleted them all. Mainly because my first post on covered them all in one hit.


2017-02-12 09:11:27

this just made my day, thank you


2017-02-21 15:33:53

Hey, Phill. Good to see you're still active here. Projects are looking pretty good so far. It's amazing what you can do with Flash. LOL I recently learned how to use motion guides instead of tediously animating the whole thing frame-by-frame.

The projects you're working on certainly have potential, and are alive with detail. LOL I only recently noticed that the guy in your post-apocalypse idea has the same hairstyle as Ray.

It's a shame that you've stopped Ray, since I really enjoyed the games' animation, gameplay, and humour. At the same time, though, nice to know that you're still here. Thanks for the update.

Peace out. :)


2017-03-12 14:02:57

Good to see you're still active. Sad to see you move on from Ray, but each door closed is another door opening. Thank you for the great times in Middle School with both the Ray games, I could not even try to add up the hours I put into them. Can't wait to see what your new project will bring.


2017-07-23 19:17:52

Dang, the link isn't working.