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When is Ray Part 3 coming out?

2016-09-15 10:15:57 by Philljc

Find out here.


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2016-09-15 10:53:23

heh, nice. :D


2016-09-15 11:04:05

Woah, I googled Ray just out of interest, for the first time in years. Only to see you made this post 28 minutes ago.

Seriously nice work, man. God bless ya for entertaining a bunch of me and my friends in our youth.
And respect to your choices to give him up, good luck on your new da man, you don't owe anything. Made an account just to wish you a happy future and a good career, peeeeeace boi


2016-09-15 13:41:09

It's good to see your making a part 3 can't wait to play it


2016-09-29 03:30:52

I decided to look up a bunch of nostalgic things I used to watch and play and Ray was one of those amazing memories I will always have as a kid. It's pretty weird how around the same time I decided to look up nostalgic things this was posted. Thank you for creating Ray! xD


2016-10-05 18:36:41

I am disappointed that Ray will never have a definitive ending. I love your series, man. It was probably one of my first flash games I've played and I freaking had a blast playing Part 1 and 2, and that was probably back in around 2005. The South Park animation style was so good, I was partially convinced back then that the creators of South Park had something to do with your game (I am a big fan of the show).

I'm fine with settling with the Ray Part 3 Introduction as the ending of your series though, but I hope Ray Part 3 will eventually be completed.


2016-10-09 11:11:18

Great to see that you're still here after all of these years.


2016-10-16 11:06:34

It is a major disappointment that you have discontinued the Ray series. However, life must come first. Maybe some user on here will pick up where you left off, and officially complete the trilogy. Either way, thanks for the good times, and good luck for the future.


2016-10-22 13:21:31

By the way, congratulations on Ray's 13th year here.
Maybe we will see Ray again, maybe we won't.
Only time will tell...


2016-11-04 12:49:59

So0o in other words you still ain't shit lol, you WERE the shit when the first Ray came out; what with the no obligations; but you could've ATLEAST shown the audience what Ray 3 could've been in an animated form, rather then the screenshots. Ray as a character doesn't need to have a personality for people to enjoy him. himself and senseless violence are always fun / awesome to watch. Hell just look at Madness Combat! Not to mention the money krinkel's has been making off of it. (that could be you to btw.)

Now i ain't saying animating is easy, hardly the fact. but what attracted people to the Ray series was his attitude of not giving a fuck; and some people NEED someone like that to watch, or be in their lives. cause it's kind've an outlet for them, hell even YOU especially since you were making the damn thing lol.

But you do what you want, Ray's in god's hands now, what you made back in the day with him was gold; But anything with him in it now and how YOU'VE changed as a person; he just won't be the same, ' fact you'll probably be taking it away from em; rather then him being a south park badass.

Also i remember you were talking about firing a desert eagle once and saying it was "Heavy... or impractical.." something like that, and i'll i gotta say is;


Philljc responds:

That could be me? Making money?

It's sad that most things come down to that. If I wanted to keep making these for money, I'd keep making brainless garbage. I don't want to make brainless garbage.

And Ray didn't have an attitude. His attitude toward anything was your attitude, you got to tell him what to do.

That won't change in my new game. It'll mostly be the same. Except this time the options won't mostly be on one side of the scale. eg: Kill this person 4 different ways. We have enough of that crap in movies/TV shows/video games these days.


2016-12-01 07:29:41

The link takes me to a 404 error, even if I go to & click the 'Continue reading' button.

Philljc responds:

It should work now, an update broke it for some reason. Thanks!


2016-12-02 20:09:37

Oh my god, you're ALIVE!!!!

I am happy you're just updating us. I played Ray back when I was in Primary School, so yeah about 10 years ago. Personally think that Ray 3 would've been better had it stuck to the South Park art style, though I can understand why you probably didn't like it, it was the main reason I found it to be charming and compeling. I think trying to make it into some super project and giving yourself too much work wasn't the best idea.

Then again you don't need me telling you stuff like that. I think everyone expected that Ray 3 wasn't going to come out but I think the closure of being told by the creator himself is satisfying.

In the unlikely event you decide to somehow make Ray 3 again, I'd hope you would keep the South Park art style.

Thanks anyway, you're game gave me lots of precious memories from when I originally played it with friends.

A Dedicated Fan.


2016-12-03 03:07:59

First off I wanted to thank you for making ray part 1 and 2 and even the movie ray 3 it was fun playing it in high school and even today. I remember your old account when you posted about you not making ray part 3 because you have a family and a full time job and sorry for all the crappy comments toward your family and you. You did it all for free and it took a lot of hours am sure. It would have been nice if you created a kick starter for this and keep the old style of south park for nostalgia and sold the game on steam. It just sad this series die just like johnny rocket finger did. Every time I visit newgrounds I remember combat instinct, Johnny rocket finger, Ray and Pimp quest very unique games not like now days with games just being copycat and nothing original about them. In any case I just wanted to post that since I didn't do it ten years ago and it very interest you want to create something without violence like Journey ps3 game 2012. Hope your doing well and all those rude comment just forget them most millennials only think of them self and live with their parents. They don't have responsibility and most of them probable won't ever be marry like you. Glad everything going well for you!


2016-12-29 13:49:19

Eh, I kinda figured, I mean ten years without an update. I mean, I was so surprised once I saw this, I had a small spark of hope. I do wish we did have a Ray 3, that little teaser showed and promised so much. But hey, it's understandable, you have a life now, children, and ray was this project of the past. But you did good.