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Ray Part 3

2007-08-08 23:08:14 by Philljc

After all the e-mails and PM's I have received I thought it would be best to clarify this here. Ray Part 3 will not be out for a while. The reason being, is that after I moved house I formatted my PC thinking I had a copy of all the work I had completed. Not only did I lose all the work on the latest movie that I had not released, but I also lost the entire Introduction movie. But, for the good news.

Ive started doing alot on the new movie, and for some people they will like what im about to say, and some others will not. But I think its time I dropped the whole South Park thing and started using real people. Its kind of hard to make little characters with fat heads fit into a car, or have a sword fight etc. So here is your new Ray: pg

It wont quite be 60 minutes like the last one would have been, due to the fact it will take more than twice as long to animate, I'm not using 12fps anymore Im using 25, and the filesize will be HUGE!

So thats basically it for now, but I can gaurentee that this movie will be absolutely awesome. Most of the other characters have been remade too like Pete, and the bum that you sometimes see. Oh by the way, Ive still decided to include the whole 'walk around thing' for missions and in between, this means you decide what happens, when, what weapons you use and so on. Thanks for taking the time to read.



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2014-01-04 22:32:33

Dude, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with all this time i could probably make this game come on dude...if your not gonna make it just say.


2012-08-30 22:29:19

Come on Phil, it's been over six years now. You either make it or you don't.


2011-11-20 02:39:32

its been 4 years asshole... ive waisted 4 years waiting... fuck you...


2011-09-22 07:21:40

thats gay you suck cock phil


2011-06-28 00:56:46

Alright, I know you've heard this stuff before, but hear me out, but I believe the reason being on people having SP animations, is not just because they like the look, but it's what they know Ray as. Suddenly changing this is like finding out your parents just died (For these pricks, anywhoo) But since you've already have it like this, be my guest. Either way, expect me to play it.


2011-04-23 08:00:51

the Url is invaild ... dose this mean youve given up on the seires?


2011-02-27 14:27:17

just hurry with the game


2011-02-26 23:56:46

bitch i love the south park violece shit im going to hate this ray fuck


2011-02-04 22:17:29

SO ITS BEEN 4 YEARS................WTF IS RAY PART 3 nah man seriosly were is it


2010-12-09 21:37:45

phil im a big fan of ray and um.. when will it be out cuz ive bben waiting 4 years eva since ray 3 intro came out


2010-10-19 04:44:14

FUCK MAN! how long will this fucking penis of a project take I love the first to! when your done U would have already have had SEX! with you girl friend man or are u still a virgin fuck you I loooooove ray that is bullshit fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU you fucking sex maniac! seeeeeexxxxxxx is awsome! I am having sexxxx right now!


2010-07-30 10:18:25

My computer wont let me see the picture


2010-05-02 20:45:47

What the fuk i have been waiting 4 damn years and u get urself a wife and kids.... disapointed man, i mean im happy 4 ya, but thats BULLSHIT!!! (U JACK!)


2010-03-23 16:28:21

sorry m8 i jus read your profile sorry i understand now, and hey congrats on the wife n child :D


2010-03-23 16:26:08

excuse me, but like are you anywhere near finishing ray 3 yet, me n my m8s are really itching to play it and weve been waiting 3 years for it, so how long till release and if you dont know what have you got left to do?


2010-03-16 10:01:30

dude wtf when i click the link it says 404 Not Found...


2010-02-20 23:31:04

stick with south park or youre gona get bad ratings......


2010-02-17 07:37:31

p.s me thinks either ray is dead or 'phill' is dead but... HURRY THE F*CK UP NOW (if you're stil alive) :p


2010-02-17 07:33:04

i second all the people that dont like the new graphic changes to your online flash animated game, but as i'm only 12 (yes 12) i don't really give two sh*ts but then again it's your game and i love this genre of game but i preferred the south park graphics and i can help if you wish i am the shit when it comes to pixel-to-pixel graphics.

so what are we (and you) gonna do??? people like sp ray and i like south park (tv show as well) so yeah, comprende? good.


2010-01-08 23:03:22

The link doesn't work for me


2009-10-19 06:25:32

Uhhhh phill the release date of Ray part 3


2009-10-02 21:19:21

hey, listen, can yyou, please make like a tid bit for the big fans (me) they (me) woulkd greatly appreciate the gesture :D. also, don't rush, ive waited this loing, i can wait a little bit longer :D


2009-09-14 20:47:24

I've been wait 3 years for this game; when will it be released?


2009-08-16 03:48:29

RGive ray a stuble not a beard or make the player able to choose in the barber shop what facial hair he want


2009-08-15 06:16:10




2009-07-22 16:38:17

i like the new style but i prefered the southpark style... hopefully you made the blood and guts more detailed too! :P


2009-06-16 08:57:46

I have been waiting for around 2 years for ray part 3 to come out (at least it seems 2 years since i first played ray part 1 and 2). I mean i have seen some really good games that was made in just 7 months maximum! I think that phill should confess saying that hes got better things to do than create ray part3 or its going to be a huge game that will need people to buy it and download it. Cmon, if its taking a couple of years then its going to be absoloutly epic and therefore cost around $10 or $20 and use around a gig of our memory to store it. Little tips before its too late, finish it up (if you have been working on it since you lost your data) and start making another 1 immediatley, dont charge any money for it (this would be a huge mistake) and thirdly CMON IM DYIN' OVER 'ERE!!!


2009-04-19 19:02:19

can I get the link it doesn't work and the character change sucks


2009-02-20 04:24:10

how about making some other NG characters poofing on ray part 3 like a cool pico or something...just suggesting


2009-01-11 00:44:48

lol this looks awsome i dont know what every one is talking about and i think he might look too much like nico from gta4 but i dont realy care you should make a guy like roman lol what ever i hope you finish it soon


2008-10-24 18:33:19

when the hell will it be finisht? i have ben waiting for 2 years.


2008-08-19 21:30:52

btw dude when i click on ur link to the new ray it come up with somethin like http blah blah blah cannot be found :S


2008-07-09 22:40:11

I sorta hate the new ray because its just not ray to me with out south park people


2008-06-12 19:11:18

Link to the image is dead D:


2008-05-14 06:13:54

Hey Phill. Nice new animation. Good to see its developing so rapidly. A question though, i'm stumped trying to find the song you played at the end of Ray 3 intro. Whats it called?


2008-02-26 00:46:42

It's ok just take your time and make it nice. It wouldn't kill anyone if you made it look better then rather to have it come out early but suck ass. Thanks for series anyway.


2008-02-08 19:40:19

It sux that the south park thing will be gone but im sure it will be awesome like the others.


2008-01-31 20:14:58



2008-01-29 17:27:23

Is it still going to have the same story following ray 2


2008-01-27 16:21:54

phil im 15 so dont include all 15 year olds as "cocksuckers" but seriously dude your series KICKS ASS keep on rockin dude keep on rockin oh and nice new design


2008-01-22 19:22:23

old ray was better


2008-01-09 19:58:15

i like the old ray better much better why change a good thing?


2008-01-04 00:28:02

Man, that south park theme was WAY better, i'll probably still play the new one, but i just dont think i could ever associate Ray with that guy, its just not right, he should still have the massive round head and everything, not that 'realistic' look you gave him.

I don't mean to bag you out or anything, coz its your flash, it's your choice, i just think you'll be disappointing a few fans with the new look, but as long as the gameplay doesn't change that much, it'll still be good, i suppose...

Still reckon you should've given him the classic Ray look, but i'm still looking forward to it (though not quite as much)


2008-01-01 12:20:43

I liked the old style but the new one isn't bad can't wait for Ray 3


2007-12-29 18:27:21

Sorry to hear about all the work and I also think the south park style was better.


2007-12-29 07:18:03

i guess it's best to change.... leaving ray as he is, is also a great idea.. but.. though i think it's like a balloon head.. lol.. iin anyway, i will stil play/watch it, doesnt matter whether it's balloonhead or real people.... it's just a game after all ;P


2007-12-28 06:23:47

Good news to hear
new designs ok liked the SP one better its good to hear
and Good luck on ray 3 it will be great


2007-12-27 11:54:12

Nice!I like a lot new Ray!I've got a feeling that a new game will be great.Oh and one question.Please tell me what is the song you put in the end of Ray 3-Introduction!


2007-12-27 10:58:38

as long as i play the game, i don't really care


2007-12-25 17:02:40

Please don't switch it! The south park one is way better!!!! PLEASE DON'T!!!!!! RAY'S COOL LIKE HE IS DON'T SWITCH HIM!